ARRIS SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE™ HLS+

ARRIS SecureMedia’s award-winning Encryptonite ONE HLS+ solution provides a streamlined process for service providers to ingest, transcode and securely deliver live and on-demand content via standard HTTP methods and infrastructure. Critically, ARRIS SecureMedia has added layers of its award-winning Encryptonite ONE digital rights management protection to the specified HLS encryption method to meet the stringent security requirements of Hollywood studios and major broadcasters for licensing and distribution of their premium content.

ARRIS SecureMedia has also developed customized clients for various devices (including Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPad®/iPhone®/iPod®, game consoles and hybrid set-top boxes) that leverage native HLS players where possible or provide HLS playback capability where none previously existed and all with Encryptonite ONE System DRM protection. ARRIS engineering has also developed improvements to the HLS client control algorithms for enhanced video quality.  In essence, Encryptonite ONE HLS+ embodies the combination of ARRIS’ extensive experience in the field of video processing and SecureMedia’s 15-year history of delivering cutting edge encryption and digital rights management technology for a superior adaptive streaming solution.

With the Encryptonite ONE HLS+ solution, ARRIS SecureMedia has enhanced the security, reach and quality of the HLS protocol without tampering with its basic operating mechanisms so that the benefits of a standardized adaptive streaming approach are preserved.  Service providers can streamline their content ingestion, encoding and delivery workflows while achieving the security necessary to license premium content and create compelling, differentiated services for their customers,  Content owners can be assured that their most valuable video assets can be delivered at the highest possible quality to a broader range of devices with a trusted Encryptonite ONE level of protection.  At the same time, manufacturers can attract premium OTT services to their devices and maximize their customer’s product experience by implementing the Encryptonite ONE HLS+ client.

Download our white paper: The Evolution of OTT Video featuring ARRIS SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+